Servicii de design

During 10 years, our studio has successfully implemented a large number of interior design projects. Thus, our portfolio includes interior design solutions in the following areas:

• Apartments / Villas;

• Restaurants / Bars / Clubs;

• Showrooms / Shops;

• Offices / Banks;

• Hotels / Theaters;

• Landshaft / Facades.


Servicii de design

Our studio offers a full range of interior design and 3D vizualization services.

Regarding the interior design projects, we work on the following sections:

1. Apartments, cottages, villas, new construction, reconstruction;

2. Offices, shops and boutiques;

3. Bars, restaurants, cinemas, conference rooms, halls, saunas.

The interior design projects follow these trends: modern, classic, art deco, high-tech, minimalism.

Regarding the 3D Vizualization we have following advantages:

1. High quality of the photorealistic 3D images;

2. Phsaed work;

3. Technical control;

4. Artistic control;

5. Meeting deadlines;

6.  Reasonable prices;

7. Experience of work with designers and architects.

About Us

Servicii de design

We are a creative studio with more than 10 years of experience.

We like to work for customers that understand the value of interior design under both aspects, functional and emotional, in order to improve the quality of life.

Our team combines innovation and experience to help you to find yourself in your space or to design the vision that you have. We offer interior design and 3D visualization services. Experience helped us to understand very well the fact that in what way is perceived the ensemble depends on the things that create it.

That is why we study and analyze the trend, our goal is to propose you new things, innovative, with one step before than the current one.